It is time for new approaches to export potential in the global world

Today's complex and dynamic business environment requires business support institutions to adapt and proactively provide their expertise and support to meet the changing needs and challenges of companies operating abroad on a daily basis. However, today's challenges are greater than ever and it is time to upgrade our support in the future in line with the needs of businesses.


The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (CCIS) has set a new milestone in its own development. It has taken up this challenge, considered the gaps that companies have, and created a new and unique tool for developing the export capacity of companies - the Export Accelerator.


A hybrid tool concept with a clear goal - Time is precious!


We have created an environment for generating business opportunities outside Slovenia. By moving from academic and theoretical models to practical areas with the immediate application of the programme, supported by market information data and analysis along with a wide network of experts.

With the new tool, companies are supported by:


·      WIDE NETWORK OF EXPERTS; 7 experts from CCIS - International Relations Department, 7 experts from CCIS, 11 experts from institutions and companies, a wide network of partners abroad.

·      MARKETING AND INFORMATION PACKAGES; directories, checklists, market analyses, website analyses, global demands, contact lists according to individual needs.

·      DIGITAL PROMOTION; Business Newsletter, Business Talks, publication on, virtual events, digital catalogue.

·      BUSINESS DELEGATION; organisation of B2B delegations.

·      CERTIFICATE “Trusted partner by CCIS”.

Six short, "to the point" modules in three phases where we prepare companies to enter the target market. Zoom Meetups with experts, follow-ups via the WhatsApp community and much more. We create a dynamic and stimulating environment where innovative ideas come together, connect, and create business opportunities.