Our choice of Slovenian companies that deserve your attention

You might find these reference companies in numerous business directories, but there is a huge difference: we know these businessmen personally. They are not just "one more" contact in a database. We know their aspirations, business focus and furthermore their real potential. But most of all, they know us too - by names and results. Get in touch with carefully selected businessmen easily, with our assistance.


Chemicals & Chemical Products

Albaugh TKI d.o.o. crop protection
Helios TBLUS d.o.o. manufacture of paints, varnishes and similar coatings
SILVAPRODUKT d.o.o. coating manufacturer, wood protection

Construction & Building Materials

ESOT-INVEST d.o.o.  preparation, cooling & reuse of technological waters in industrial processes 
FIBRAN d.o.o.
highest quality thermal insulation manufacturer
FIRA d.o.o.
water projects and related hydro-mechanical structures
FRAGMAT d.o.o.
manufacturer of highest quality products
hydrotechnical engineering, industrial wastewater treatment, waste management

Defence & Security & Protection

IZOP-K d.o.o.  arms and explosives 
command & control software
PIPISTREL d.o.o.  energy-efficiency light aircraft producer 
TRIMPEKS d.o.o. 
aviation services

Electro & Electronics & Optical Products

ANALITICA d.o.o. Food Quality and Safety Solutions, Manufacturing Analytics, Air Pollution Analytics
CABLEX d.o.o.  cable harnesses, plastic parts, silicon produc, ts, injection moulding 
INDATA d.o.o.
LED lighting-system solutions and design assistance
ISKRA d.o.o.
electrical measuringinstruments/ low voltage switchgear
L-TEK d.o.o.
R&D and electronics manufacturing services (EMS) and software solutions
RLS d.o.o.
design, produce and supply advanced rotary and linear motion sensors
Robotina d.o.o.
industrial & infrastructure automation, energy management, photovoltaics, engineering
Strip's d.o.o.  design and manufacturing of electronics, smart measuring, connectivity and LED technology
Tevel d.o.o.
development, production, installation, maintenance of technical safety measurement equipment & systems
technical security - development, production, installation, maintenance


R&D and electronics manufacturing services (EMS) and software solutions


environmental solutions and power technologies 
LIMNOS d.o.o.
nature solutions for pollution treatment and mitigation (wetland technology) 

Fabricated Metal Products

LIVARNA TITAN d.o.o. high-quality white malleable cast iron 
OGRAJE KOČEVAR d.o.o.  metal fences, fencing doors, gates, balconies and staircases 
ŠTORE STEEL d.o.o. manufacture of basic iron and steel and of ferro-alloys
UR-NA d.o.o.  specialist in the production of various types of springs
VALJI d.o.o. rolls for industry, rolls for long products, castings for the tool industry

rolls for industry, rolls for long products, castings for the tool industry

rolls for industry, rolls for long products, castings for the tool industry


Food & Beverage & Agriculture

CELJSKE MESNINE d.d.  meat processing industry
fish cans 
food trading company with well estabilhed national and international supply chain 
INCOM d.o.o.
food manufacture and development 
KLET BRDA, z.o.o.
KODILA d.o.o.
meat products 
dairy products
MLINOTEST d.d.  pasta, milling products, baked and confectionery products (also gluten-free) 
Panvita MIR d.d.
meat products 
"Lušt" tomato brand grown all year arround, pdf
PEKARNA PEČJAK d.o.o. frozen and fresh pastry, dough, pasta, bread, confectionery products 
PIVKA d.d.  meat products 
POMURSKE MLEKARNE d.d.  dairy products 
RADENSKA d.d.  mineral, table and flavoured water, non-alcohol drinks 
Savinjska pivovarna d.o.o.  
craft brewery 
VINAKRAS z.o.o.  wines
VIZIR d.o.o. 
craft brewery 
ŽITO d.o.o.
baked, frozen and confectionery products 


meet processing industry

dairy products



Furniture & Wood Products

ALEŠ POTOČNIK S.P.  interior / hotel / office furnishings
ALPLES d.d.  furniture for bedrooms/living&anterrooms, kitchens…
ALPOD d.o.o. wood flooring & easy to fit floor coverings
ATRIUM-NOVI INTERIERI d.o.o. furniture for offices/public facilities/homes
C.E.T.A, d.o.o. wooden furnishings & household accessories
CBD d.o.o. designing, R&D in timber structures
DONAR d.o.o.  ergonomic office chairs
EXTRAFORM d.o.o. farmwork beams, sawn wood
GAŠPER TRŽENJE d.o.o. wooden windows/entrance doors/shutters&blinds….
GONZAGA-PRO d.o.o. furniture for offices/shools/public urban spaces…
HIT PRELESS d.o.o. interior / hotel / office furnishings
HOJA, d.d. wooden glulam elements for sporting facilities…
INLES d.d. wooden doors/windows/panoramic walls….
JELOVICA HIŠE d.o.o. prefabricated wooden elements
JELOVICA OKNA  d.o.o. wooden windows/front&interior doors
KRASOPREMA d.o.o. lacquered surfaces with high gloss finish, bedrooms, ….
LINA DESIGN d.o.o. designed furniture for public rooms
LIP BLED, d.o.o. wooden interior doors
LIP BOHINJ, d.o.o.
shuttering panels
LUMAR IG d.o.o.  prefabricated buildings (passive, energy-efficient….)
MARUŠIČ, d.o.o. wooden components for furniture
MELU MIZARSTVO d.o.o.  wooden interior doors, wall coverings
MIZARSTVO FLORJANČIČ furniture for offices/kitchens/bedrooms…
MONTPREIS, d.o.o. sawn wood, lumber, railway/bridge sleepers, antique wood,…
M SORA d.d. wooden / alu windows
MURALES d.d. Ljutomer chairs and tables
PARKETARNA JAGER d.o.o. massive and two-layer parquets, wood floorings,…
RIHTER d.o.o. custom-made houses&buildings
RIKO HIŠE d.o.o. prefabricated wooden buildings
SLORUS d.o.o. interior solutions for decoration of windows
STILLES d.o.o. hotel furniure & doors, furniture for home

Machinery & Equipment

BIJOL d.o.o.  forestry, agriculture, fire brigade and defence machinery 
air blasting and shot peening products/ enamelling & coating solutions/ dry ice & snow cleaning products/UHP watter jetting products 
ELPA d.o.o.  anti-noise systems for railway technology 
KOVIT projekti d.o.o.  steel constructions manufacturing
LITOSTROJ POWER d.o.o.  manufacture of engines and turbines 
MLM d.d.  tools / die-casting parts 
SITOR d.o.o. 
producer of hydraulic presses 
TIPS d.o.o.   handling equipment manufacturers of electric and other vehicles
Titus Technologies d.o.o.  designing and manufacturing high-volume cabinet hardware solutions 
TOVARNA MERIL KOVINE d.d.       spirit levels 
UNIOR d.d.  hand tools 
WEILER Abrasives d.o.o.
abrasives / technical fibres 

Medical Equipment & Health

genEplanet d.o.o. medical equipment
INTERDENT d.o.o. producer of material and equipment for dentistry
IONEX d.o.o., Ljubljana
air ionization specialist
MedDev Rešitve
regulatory consultancy & services 
SAVING d.o.o.
ECG medical device production                               
TIK d.o.o.
production of disposable medical devices    

Paper & Paper Products

RADEČE PAPIR NOVA d.o.o.  paper 



LEK VETERINA d.o.o.   veterinary products


Plastic & Rubber

ORO Plastika d.o.o.  plastic components for automotive, electro industry and others 


Printing and Reproduction of Recorded Media

CETIS d.d.  security printing solutions 
EPPS d.o.o.
mass printing of variable data and 3D printing 


Textile & Leather & Footwear

ALPINA d.o.o.  footwear 


Manufacturing n.e.c.

Elan Inventa d.o.o.  equipment for sport venues 
TERMIT d.d  other mining and quarrying
TU-VAL d.o.o. engineering of custom-made solutions


Transport equipment incl. aircrafts

PIPISTREL d.o.o. energy-efficiency light aircraft producer


Chemicals & Chemical Products - Copy

Albaugh TKI d.o.o. crop protection
Helios TBLUS d.o.o. manufacture of paints, varnishes and similar coatings
SILVAPRODUKT d.o.o. coating manufacturer, wood protection



FIRST Murska Sobota d.o.o.  accounting / FDI / setting up a company 


Business Consulting

Artemisa d.o.o. 
business consulting in chemical industry
BREND7 d.o.o.  brand development, marketing, legal 


Pinocchio d.o.o.     gift packaging, office accessories, corporate gifts; eco - conscious materials


Education & Training

O.K. Consulting d.o.o.    

trainings and interactive workshops for various business areas


Energy Management

Solvera Lynx d.o.o.  energy management/software&hardware development/consulting 
Interenergo d.o.o. energy engineering, trading and investment

Engineering & Architectual Activities

KORONA d.d.   engineering & consulting in energy, transport and ecology sectors 
RIKO d.o.o.
 engineering in industry, power systems, environment, logistics and civil engineering


Finance & Insurance

BMA Partnerji d. o. o. 
advisor for insurance brokerage and consulting service


ICT Information Communication Technology

Agitavit Solutions d.o.o. company specialized for consulting and software development services for business customers
Analitica d.o.o.
risk management solutions provider, andvanced analytics
Cosylab d.d. control systems for nuclear accelerators, optical and radio telescopes, fusion reactors, cancer therapy systems
Better d.o.o.
healthcare IT provider, EHR/EMR provider
FMC d.o.o. system integrator, solutions and services in the field of IT infrastructure
INFORMATIKA d.o.o. system integrator and software developer in energy sector
Instrumentation Technologies d.o.o. technological solutions developer in the form of electronic systems and devices
IRM d.o.o.
marina management software solutions
IRNAS d.o.o.
complete development service, from the idea to the finished product. Fully customized, client-tailored solutions.
ISKRATEL d.o.o. comunication solutions (telecomunications, transport, energy)
Mega M d.o.o. mobile operator, IP telephony operator, ISP, IoT solutions provider, Cloud Computing provider
PRO-BIT d.o.o. comprehensive information solutions provider for all business areas in your company
ResEvo d.o.o.
Business Intelligence (BI) Software, BI System integrator
SoftNET d.o.o. telecommunication solutions (voice/data/video)
Trinet informatika d.o.o. software apps for customs authorities and logistics companies
Viris d.o.o.
computer security
VSI.SI d.o.o. digital market agency
Žejn Group software development, content management platform ShakeSpeare™


Logistic & Transport

ADRIA KOMBI d.o.o. international intermodal transport
BLUEMARINE d.o.o. shipping co. for world-wide chartering and logistics
logistics solutions provider
FERSPED, d.o.o.
forwarding agency
FINING d.o.o.
customs clearance and port logistics
Luka Koper, d.d. - Port of Koper   
commercial port, terminal operator
NOMAGO d.o.o.
national anf international transportation of people
road transport services, warehousing, service centre for commercial/personal vehicles
SIGR d.o.o.
transport&logistics, warehousing
T.P.G. Logistika d.o.o.
complete logistics solutions
2HM Logistics d.o.o.
complete logistics solutions

Rental & Leasing

OPTIPRINT d.o.o.  color printers and multifunction devices rental  

Tourism & Hospitality

Collegium Mondial Travel

CMT potovalna agencija d.o.o. 

tourism; incoming and outboud (youth tourism)  
NOMAGO d.o.o
mobility and travel provider
UNIVERZUM V SVET d.o.o corporate travel, leisure, air tickets, hotel accomodation, MICE


GEAPRODUKT d.o.o. food trading company with well estabilhed national and international supply chain
IMPAKTA METAL d.o.o. wholesale of hardware, plumbing and heating equipment and supplies
retail, wholesale, specialised in food products and wine from N. Macedonia


Trade Shows & Conventions

ICM d.o.o. organizer of B2B trade fairs, events & congresses 
Pomurski sejem d.o.o.     fairs


Translation Service

 GORR d.o.o.  high-quality  translation, interpreting, and other linguistic services 
TAIA INT d.o.o.      modern translation service 


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Photo: Slovenian "DVANAJSTIJA" Collection by Oskar Andrej Kogoj