Despite the end to the epidemic, the virus remains among us requiring consideration of all measures to be taken into account.

Regardless of the encouraging decline of the virus, there is still the risk of it spreading. Therefore, social distance and hand and cough hygiene must still be practiced at all times, and any sick individuals must be isolated. Hand sanitation and face masks or scarves are still obligatory in indoor public spaces, as well as on public transport.

Despite the gradual relaxation of protective measures, all larger public gatherings are still prohibited in Slovenia.

Hence, a maximum of 50 people may gather and socialise in public at the same time and same place. In addition, accommodation providers with more than 30 rooms are open and available again, as are spa accommodations, wellness centres, gyms, swimming pools, and water activities.

Until further noticediscos and night clubs remain closed, as do stores on Sundays and holidays, except for petrol stations and pharmacies, which may be open.

The presence of spectators at sport competitions is also prohibited.