From a bold vision of a new, innovative product to NASA customized projects

Instrumentation Technologies is a highly experienced high-tech company that has been providing cutting-edge solutions for clients worldwide for more than 20 years in the fields of particle accelerators, automotive, aerospace, MedTech, smart cities and general IoT. The company is known for its innovative solutions, including Red Pitaya. 



Red Pitaya is born 
In 2013, a small team of engineers from Instrumentation Technologies were thinking of a new, not-yet-seen idea – creating an open source measurement and control tool the size of a credit card that could replace many expensive laboratory instruments at a surprisingly low price. The vision of those engineers was to enable everyone to start using technologies that in the past were available only to advanced research laboratories and large industries. 
They played around with different ideas, and finally came up with an innovative solution, named it Red Pitaya and successfully financed it through the at that time not very well-known Kickstarter 




Larger companies noticed a little, yet versatile genius - Red Pitaya 


At first, Red Pitaya was a huge success among students and radio amateurs. But soon, larger 

companies in the automotive, aerospace, telecommunications and other segments started seeing the benefits of such a versatile tool. They noticed that Red Pitaya is a great starting point
for different testing and measurement applications
, as it is a compact and reliable product that can reduce costs and is open to user customization.



Increasing demand for custom-made solutions 


Nowadays, Instrumentation Technologies is seeing increasing demand for the customization of Red Pitaya for different advanced industrial data acquisition challenges in testing and measurement.  
Global giants such as NASA, Bombardier, Itron, Tier 1 automotive suppliers, one of Europe’s largest heating equipment manufacturers and others are now using custom-made solutions based on the little Red Pitaya.  All of these companies appreciate Instrumentation Technologies’ expertise in fast data acquisition solutions, which provide added value through custom development of hardware and embedded software design, rapid prototyping, and certification assistance. 


If you would like to know more about why NASA, Bombardier, Tier 1 automotive suppliers and other companies look at Instrumentation Technologies’ innovative solutions when facing various challenges, click here. 


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