International Relations Department

The International Relations Department at the CCIS is the perfect contact point for anyone interested in working with Slovenian companies and the ones from our neighbouring countries. Our activities in the field of international business, carried out under the GO INTERNATIONAL SLOVENIA program, primarily focus on support to our members, as well as other support services within the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Our direct contact to businessmen, private and public sector, BSO and our formal and informal business network abroad enables us to offer efficient service to foreign parities.

We kindly invite you to contact us via Inquiry Form or directly on below contacts:


Matej Rogelj
T: +386 1 58 98 159
UK, Ireland, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Croatia, Western Balkans
Nataša Turk
Deputy Director
T: +386 1 58 98 152

Indian subcontinent, Arab world, ASEAN states, Scandinavia & Baltics, Arabia Group, EEN Projects

Marko Jare
Area Manager
T: +386 1 58 98 158

Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, North America, Mexico, China, Japan, South Korea, Avstralia, New Zealand, Italy
Ines Čigoja
Area Manager
T: +386 1 58 98 101
Austria, Hungary, Spain, Latin America, Go MED project, Export Accelerator
Vanja Bele
Area Manager
T: +386 1 58 98 113
Germany, Switzerland, BENELUX, EEN Projects